Healing space and guidance for individuals, couples, and groups.


It’s Your Experience

You are the plan

You Are The Path

You Are Enough

Choose You

Thrive Where You Are

What will it cost you?
Everything and nothing.
Every personality survival strategy.
And nothing, because they were never really you.

Meet Scott


“Scott was a refuge of maturity and encouragement. He has such a respect for individual artistic expression and really encouraged me to be my most authentic self at all times. There is rare safety with him that I still cherish to this day and you deserve to experience.”
— Nyla W.
“His insistence on authenticity, his gracious concern for my welfare, made working with him pure joy.”
— Mitchell F.
“It takes an extraordinary person to excel at leading others back to their soul, and Scott does this with humility and respect for all. I highly recommend working with him!”
— Malik V.
“His clear guidance, facility for enlightened communication, his empathy and ability to hold space with you as you find your own way, has brought me to a higher level of awareness and growth I couldn’t have achieved alone. It’s why I keep coming back!”
— Laura P.