Stand In The River

When I stand in a river, I can feel the current’s force.

It takes will to remain standing. I widen my base and adjust my footing. I engage my core. I meet the resistance. The onrushing water must account for me.

Then something truly magical happens.

I change the river’s shape. I find my equilibrium, and the river senses me. It allows for me. Accommodates me. It becomes itself because I become myself.

The onrushing river of circumstances I call my life needs me to shape it. I stand in the river to make my life my own.

When the river and I learn this dance together, the tension we hold between us reminds me I’m alive. I learn to embrace my life. My life returns the embrace to remind me I belong, and the embrace is unconditional.

I can always let go, float downstream, and subject myself to the law of accident.

Or I can stand in the river. Stand for my life, and join the dance.

Happy new year.

Photo credit: Michael Sendbuehler

Scott Plate

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