I listened into the silence for a change.

Written by: Scott Plate
Date: November 12, 2022
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Instead of trying to fill it with words, I listened.

So nothing outside me can determine what enough is?


Only me?


Then why is there a “world” at all?

Silence again.

Is anyone listening?

All my life, whenever I was met with silence, I always assumed I was being ignored. Or that something was being withheld. My focus had always been on what I wasn’t getting – from someone else.

This time I thought, what if I just continued to listen? What would happen?

So I listened. No one else was speaking, after all.

And nothing happened. The only thing “happening” was me.

So I continued to listen.

After a while, I heard “Yes. Only you. Only you can determine what enough is.”

I had answered myself, though. Hadn’t I? It sounded like my voice.

So who had addressed me as “you?”

Reflexively, I still needed confirmation – from a “someone else” – that what I heard was true. After all, what else is the world for?

So I asked again.

“Only I can know what enough is?”

More silence.

Then, finally: “Why am I here?”


Out of that silence came an idea, though.

"Just keep it simple."

Maybe I was here to listen and to pay attention. Simple as that.

And then, if I paid attention long enough, maybe I could learn who I am and why I'm here.

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