Lessons learned from an aging dog

RIP Seamus. 12/30/08 – 12/02/22

Even if it hurts, get up every day and move.

Don’t forget to stop and smell whatever is interesting. 

When you’re going up a hill, you can get tired. It’s OK to zigzag, explore side to side, and catch your breath. 

If you forget where you are, it’s OK to stand still. You can also go back to the last place you remember. 

If you struggle or get scared, find a friendly face and trust. 

Sometimes you forget what you used to know. It might feel strange, but it’s OK to discover it again. 

Even when you’re tired, show the people you love they’re important. 

If you aren’t comfortable, jump up and move.

Sometimes putting one foot in front of the other is the best you can do.

Try to see the forest and the trees.

Protect what matters to you. 

Making yourself at home is an essential skill. 

When you feel joy, show it with your whole body. 

Give a little love to everyone you meet.

Insist on what you want if it’s important to you. Charm and a handsome face can get you a long way. 

Never give up on the people you love. Even when they get mad at you, show them you love them anyway. 

Find new ways to tell people what you want, and be creative. The more ways you can think up, the deeper your bond with them becomes. 

Show gratitude whenever you can. It makes you and everyone else feel good. 

Show the people you love you’re happy to see them. Even if they’ve only been gone a little while. 

Add your voice to every chorus. 

You can be 20 inches tall and still be the biggest presence in the room.

When you become old and confused, people can grow impatient with you. Do your best anyway. 

A good friend will understand when you’re grouchy. 

When you’re tired, you can always take a nap.

It’s almost always a good time for love and affection. 

Gentleness can be just as persuasive as force. 

If all else fails, there’s always your pack.

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Scott Plate

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