After years of searching

After years of searching for evidence of me out in the world and in everyone else I met, it occurred to me that maybe I’d been looking in the wrong place. 

At that critical moment, life sent me a teacher. He suggested I consider one simple fact. If I was the one doing the searching, if it was me in those relationships, and me living those circumstances, then maybe I was the common denominator. Maybe I should search for me within me. 

It felt too simple, so I dismissed it. I wanted BIG TIME ENLIGHTENMENT. 

The truth, though? I didn’t have the maturity then to grasp what he offered. 

Then he died. But he planted a seed in me. 

I set off on my next quest. Years of therapy. Workshops. Books. I studied Astrology, the Enneagram, and Human Design. Incredibly valuable, they all showed me how to frame my assets and liabilities to generate self-awareness.

But I was still searching, and I was still the one doing it. If I’m the common denominator, how do I find me? 

The seed started to sprout. 

How do I discover what I am? The answer that worked for me is that I must become it. 

“Becoming” me means choosing me. Choosing the experience I’m having now. Over and over. 

I can tell you that “choosing me” is not a path or even a process. It’s an accumulation of guided experiences that gradually become where you’d rather be. 

If you’re interested, I can help. 

Schedule a Discovery Chat, or send me a direct message. I’ll get back to you.

Scott Plate

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