Top 10 Reasons to Choose You

…for Brendan.

1.    Be you. Everyone else is taken.

2.    Growth can be uncomfortable. Whenever it is, know you’re getting stronger.

3.    When you’re growing and it gets uncomfortable, sometimes your best effort isn’t possible. Even second-best efforts count.

4.    You are free to mess things up. You have the right to be awkward and clumsy.

5.    Staying on your own side and choosing you, especially when it feels awkward and clumsy, is one of the highest acts of love.

6.    Denying a truth makes it even more true.

7.    Truth, love, life, and God are one and the same.

8.    You can’t let God in, but you can let God out. God resides in your heart.

9.    You are a blessing, just as you are. May you live each day receiving the blessing of your life.

10. God will never ask you why you were not more like Jesus. God will ask you why you were not more like you.

Scott Plate

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