I’ve learned these three ideas are true.

1.     What I am does not depend on anything I want. 

2.     Nothing I acquire will change me, because what I am is unconditional.

3.     Whatever I become will always start and end with what I am. 

Before I learned this, I spent years pursuing one of two objectives:

  • To make myself look more like the world, or

  • To make the world look more like me. 

I did this so that I could belong. And I tried hard. If nothing else, I’m a good tryer. But something felt out of sync, and I had a nagging doubt that I was chasing my own tail.

When I slowed down enough, I could sense that underneath all that trying lurked an insecurity. If the world or I needed to change so that I could fit in and belong, then somehow, I must not be OK. 

Why was I not OK?

The trouble lay in believing I needed to rise to an occasion whose value I had no say in establishing.  

How could I possibly rise to such an occasion? That’s a zero-sum game if there ever was one.

With persistence, reflection – and most importantly, guidance – it began to dawn on me that I didn’t need to feel OK to be OK. If my circumstances couldn’t define who I was, why did I need to belong?

I learned to choose me. First. Even when I didn’t want to. Even when it made me uncomfortable. Even when it scared me.

I realized all I really have to offer is what I am.

And ironically, that was all the world wanted all along. 

If I’m truly free to choose, why not choose me?

“Choosing me” is not a path or even a process. It’s an accumulation of guided experiences that gradually become where you’d rather be.

If you’re interested, I can help.

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Scott Plate

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